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SteelFit- Buns Of Steel

SteelFit- Buns Of Steel

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Take your training to the next level with the combination of Buns of Steel® and our thigh trimmers. You’re guaranteed to feel the difference then if you trained without them.\

Intenslim: Patented slimming active ingredient intended to fight fat accumulation (Patent # FR 2 985 426).*

Globularia Cordifolia Extract: Helps skin tissues regenerate and detoxifies the skin by eliminating damaged proteins and other accumulated wastes.*

Zerumbet Extract: A skin conditioning agent that helps in soothing inflammation and reducing fat tissue.*

Keratoline: Gently eliminates dead skin cells to reveal younger, healthier looking skin.*

Caffeine: A lipolysis promoting agent, breaking down fat and other lipids.*

Registril: Prevents and reduces stretch marks.*

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