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NUTRISTAT Purpeptide Lemon Berry Cooler

NUTRISTAT Purpeptide Lemon Berry Cooler

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Tired of spending your money on glutamine, BCAAs, etc. with minimal results? Studies prove that glutamine does not absorb past your intestines and BCAAs do not address the full range of amino acids that your muscles require.

  • Peptide amino acids absorb quicker and more efficiently than other amino acids.
  • Derived from whole food sourced EAAs and a full dose of 5 grams of 2:1:1 vegan BCAAs.
  • Uses a specifically studied ratio of BCAAs and EAAs in synergy for optimal muscle performance.
  • Contains CoffeeBerry™ which aids in amino acid transport and muscle pumps by increasing insulin sensitivity.
  • Includes a full 2 grams serving of the university studies mushroom blend, Peak O2, for enhanced energy, power and endurance.
  • Features Albion Labs Calci-K for superior electrolyte saturation.
  • Lowers cortisol for greater muscle development and loss of body fat.
  • An ALL IN ONE amino acid solution.
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