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Advanced Performance Carbohydrate

The oral rehydration performance solution.

Rice Oligodextrin has been sought after as an alternative to the many corn derived carbohydrate options available, including the many “designer” carbs being marketed today. 

Nutristat®’s research team has been looking for the optimal source of Rice Oligodextrin, not for months, but for years. Nutristat® was looking for particular manufacturing procedures that need to be adhered to when hydrolysis occurs, and the source of the rice itself has to meet certain purity standards. 

After years of research and R and D trials, seeing how CARB2O® performed and affected training and body composition, along with superior digestibility, Nutristat® has uncovered what we believe to be the “x” factor for athletic performance and body composition!

CARB2O® has a lower glycemic response and a better osmolarity factor compared to the other alternative carbohydrates we researched, meaning it does not cause the stomach or the gut to bloat, and easily digests and helps “force feed” nutrients to muscles.

CARB2O®’s Rice Oligodextrin gets rapidly absorbed due to its chain structure and avoids the stomach distress and bloat that seem to be an issue with other carb drinks. 
Thus, CARB2O® offers the advantages of BOTH simple and complex carb sources.  It enters the bloodstream faster than glucose, but because of its molecular structure, it doesn't spike insulin like maltodextrin or dextrose. 

Prepare for a solution to your hard training. CARB2O®is now available.
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