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Core Nutritionals

Core Nutritionals POST-Fruity Cereal

Core Nutritionals POST-Fruity Cereal

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High quality, fast-digesting carbohydrates and protein have been shown time and again to induce the most optimal conditions for growth in clinical studies – and that is precisely what Core has attempted to emulate with Core POST. Core POST takes the guesswork out of post workout recovery, containing the fast-acting proteins and carbs (whey isolate, dextrose, and Cluster Dextrin®), along with other anabolic agents (free-form L-Leucine, Velositol®, VitaCherry®, and Bioperine®) needed to increase absorption in order to maximize muscle recovery after weight training. This combination of ingredients can quickly replenish muscle glycogen and shuttle much needed amino acids to muscle cells. Whether you are bulking up or slimming down, all of these ingredients are crucial for proper recovery.

  • Cyclic Dextrin® - Replenish muscle glycogen and shuttle needed amino acids to muscle cells
  • Velositol® - Helps amplify effects of whey protein to increase muscle protein synthesis
  • Vitacherry® - Maximize muscle recovery after weight training
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